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Monday, April 28, 2008

1st Anniversary!

We did it!! We made it a year without killing each other...and oi, what a year it was! To celebrate we took off to Leavenworth for the weekend to stay at the Mt. Home Lodge. We've already booked our room for next year, that's how much we loved it. We left for our weekend early Saturday morning and upon arrival made a bee-line for the Munchen Haus for lunch. Extra kraut please! With full bellies we meandered over the ale festival. An 'ale' of a party is right! LOL! By 4pm, we were pretty well tuckered out on beer and decided to headed up to the lodge to check in and get ready for dinner, which was exceptional! With our bellies topped off again we decided to call it a night. Sunday morning we headed out for a 9mi hike and were uber pleased when one of the resident doggies decided to join us. Image the laugh we had when we learned our new friends name just happened to be Winston! After cleaning up we enjoyed a light lunch that chef Tom had prepared for us and then headed into town to boggie-foot around. For Sunday's dinner we opted for the German experience and went to Cafe Motzart. Linguini Toscana - Yum, Yum! The rest of the night was spent in the hot tube at the lodge sipping Veuve Clicquot and staring at the stars. We nearly had the whole place to ourselves with the exception of the nice couple who turns out are nearly our neighbors. Monday morning came to quickly and we had to pack up and head back to reality. Once back home we cuddled the puppies and enjoyed an at-home-meal. I'd made up some artichoke Parmesan crustini's, creamy tomato pasta with champagne we received on our wedding day...and of course some wedding cake. It was an absolutely spectacular weekend!


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