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Saturday, July 25, 2009

The Early Edition

Quite a few coupons are looking good this week, especially from the Smart Source insert. Here are the one's I'm looking forward to using.

Smart Source: $.75 off Colgate, $1 off two Emerald dry roasted peanuts, 2- $1 off any 2 boxes of Post Cereal, $1 off Activia, $1 off Snyders pretzel sandwiches, $1.50 off any Clearasil product, $1 off a variety of Jennie-O products, $.75 off Rid-X, and $4 off Schick razors.

Red Plum: $1.50 of Bayer quick release crystals, $1 off Uncle Ben's wild rice, $1 off Strap Perfect and buy one, get one free on Mre. Cubbisons crutons.


Friday, July 24, 2009

I'm doing cart-wheels over this one!
(Yes, I love cereal that much.)
Click the picture to sign up for your free sample.


Sweet Relief

Sign up for Mars
Chocolate Relief Act,
the first 200,00
people to sign up will be mailed
a coupon
for a free mars candy bar.


Get a lot with a little sample of Gain laundry detergent!
Click the picture to sign up!


Thursday, July 23, 2009

This rounds on me...well not really, but it's still free! Click the picture to sign up for your free sample.
Don't even think about it if you aren't 21 yet!


Sign up for a free sample, just click on the picture!


Don't tell...

Oh, who are we kidding, tell everyone!
You will have to enter your e-mail to enter, which will sign you up for future e-mails from Tory Burch.
The prices are great though, so it's worth it.


The back story: When I initially posted the Korres promo deal a few days ago, there was initially no order minimum associated with it. Those that took advantage of the offer by purchasing the gum for $2.50 were notified that the promo was only valid on orders over $25 and their orders would be canceled. Clearly they had some upset customers.

However, has chosen to do the right thing. I VERY impressed, this is the customer service that earns my dollar. Not only have they validated their customers concerns and apologized, but they following through by shipping the orders placed AND adding an additional gift!

In this difficult economic time when customers are clinging to their dollars more than ever, this is the way to win customer loyalty.

Bravo Korres, bravo!


Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Free download of the Coldplay Live album
"Left Right Left Right Left"


Is your little pal a mighty dog? If not click the picture to sign-up.
Reuben just got his mighty dog kit in the mail today. He must have signed up for it when he was laid-up on Friday. Now he is schooled in the ways of the Mighty Dog nation and he is equipped with a new tag and mini kong.


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Ebates will give you 11% back!


Yeah for!

$1 off two Breyers products
$1 off two Klondike products
$1 off three Haagen Dazs 4oz single serve cups

You can print your coupons from the bar on the right.
Now if I could just have them deliver the yummy frozen treats, maybe spoon feed me while I sit in front of the fan...


Menu Monday

I know, it's not Monday...but this isn't really a menu anyway.
The plan for this week is make it through the leftovers from the week of fun. Plus it's too hot to cook anyway. We've got spinach, iceburg lettuce, salmon, crab, fruit salad and potato salad and it all needs to disappear before I go back to the store. If I can make it to Saturday, I'll be elated!


So fun!

Head in to your local Origins
for your free mini facial
and get a little present
to take home.

See you there,
I'll be the one with mud on my face!


Reuben Update

The little man is doing well. We got his drainage tube out this morning, so now he just has a hole in his thigh. The doctor says the a-okay, all we have to do is come back late next week to get the sticthes out and we'll be set. His fur is even starting to grow back. Awwww!

Here is his good side.


Courtesy of Daily Candy receive 20% off any Well Being purchase from GNC with the code: DCANDY20.
Ebates will net you 7% back on your purchase.


Thursday July 23rd from 5-9pm pick up your free 10-day sample from any Estee Lauder Counter.



Monday, July 20, 2009

California lovin'

Through July 27th save an extra 30% off the entire site at C&C California by using the code: LUXECALI30.

-Thanks Tammy!


Through July 20th, Steve Madden has taken 50% off select shoes!
Use the code: SMFREESHIP to receive free shipping and of course Ebates for 4% back on your purchase.


Free Shipping on any order over $30 through the 25th with the code: SUMMER.

Use Ebates to get 6% back on your purchase!


Sunday, July 19, 2009

Something about Sundays

Just because the week is a bit haywire doesn't mean we get to skip Sunday breakfast. I put Dad to work at the skillet bright and early this morning making his famous whiskey pancakes. They are delish!

Turns out there isn't really a recipe, he kinda follows what's on the back of the Hungry Jack box. Since I didn't have any packaged pancake mix I combined the dry half of my recipe and handed it over.

1 1/2 cups all-purpose flour
2 tablespoons sugar
2 teaspoons baking powder
1/2 teaspoon baking soda
1/2 teaspoon salt

Dad then added 2 eggs, a liberal dose of real vanilla, 2 cups of milk (give or take), a shot of corn oil, plus a shot and a half of rye whiskey. He says the amounts vary according to how "saucy" you feel, but insists that a thin batter is the way to go to get that light fluffy cake that is ideal for mopping up maximum butter and syrup.


Early Edition

There is only the Smart Source insert this week and it was a little disappointing but there were a few coupons that look promising.

$1 off Tree Top Trim juice
$1 off any 2 general mills cereals
$1 off Colgate Enamel Protect toothpaste

**I just remembered seeing several coupons for diapers which I'm sure would be very useful for the parents out there. They are: $2 off any Pull-ups, $2 off Huggies Overnites, $3 off Huggies Naturals, $1.5o off any Huggies and $.5o off Huggies wipes.**

Happy Shopping!


Through September 2nd, use the code: ADIDAS101 for 20% off and free shipping on all purchases over $100, even clearance.
Don't forget Ebates for 6% back.


Korres is launching their new website with a sweet deal. Through July, with any purchase over $25, you will receive a gift that includes 3 deluxe samples and a reusable cosmetic bag and free shipping! Plus you still get your regular samples too. Use code: PREVIEW for 20% off your purchase


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