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Friday, October 9, 2009

Pfaltzgraff Sale

Up to 83% off at Pfaltzgraff! Through 10/12 so hurry!!


Cheap Eats! is serving up 80% off with the code: FOUR. Order through Shopathome for 20% cashback. WOW!!


Glidden Sample

You may or may not recall the Glidden promo I posted about back in June...the awesome sample of a quart of Glidden paint that came via UPS for zero pennies....

Well they are at it again! This time is just a little different, you will need to print your registration and send them the lable from a competitors paint. I know any time we paint we always keep the left overs around for touch-ups, so this will be super easy!


Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Got sole?

If like me, you have managed to walk the soles right off your shoes, don't despair and most definitely do not toss them out. Just get them repaired!

Sadly I haven't had a shoe budget in a long, loooong while. (Heart breaking for a gal like me.) Never the less, I've managed to keep my feeties fashionable thanks to my local cobbler. For less than $10 dollars a pair he will make a shluppy pair of pumps nearly brand new. Considering what a new pair of shoes costs this is a heck of a deal!

Naturally not every pair is salvageable so here are some recommendations:

-When you do get new shoes, look for higher quality. (On a deep discount, of course.) They are made so they can be repaired.
-Keep your kicks clean. Polish after every few wears with shoe cleaner, polish or leather cleaner...
-Rotate your kicks. This will allow the shoe to "recover" between wears. You feet will thank you too!
-Repair sooner than later. Any shoes can be worn beyond repair. Likewise many shoes can be worn well beyond their average life with a little tlc.

You'll like like a million and now one will know you spent just pennies.


Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Save Money Here

...not here.

(click to see more from

I've long sustained the belief that being frugal is not being cheap. Now might be the time to touch on when it's best to buck up and rely on the pro's.

1) Anytime safety could be an issue. Please leave the 80' hemlock to the professional. Even if you live and don't crush the neighbors house, there is still an endless list of things that can go wrong. It is just not worth it. Say it with me.
2) Care for your vehicle properly. Most families livelihoods are reliant upon having adequate transportation. Make sure you are preforming regular maintenance and using someone you know and trust. A $10 oil change isn't a good value if little Jimmy forgets to put oil back in. Ya know...
3) Legal matters. I've had my share of them and I'll tell you first hand they are like quicksand. Whether you are writing a will, being sued, selling a house, if it involves a contract, use a professional. Like #1 above, when it goes goes really wrong. That said, interview! If you are going to hiring someone pick the best qualified, not the least expensive.
4) Insurance. You don't have to pay for the most expensive policy out there, but for goodness sakes make sure that your assets are adequately covered. Know your risk and be sure they are written into the policy. Review your policies at least every other year to ensure that it is still relevant.
5) Health care. Consider the cost of not going to the doctor. Don't wait till you have to go! Bottom line is there are NO replacement parts and NO loaners for take care of yourself the best you can.


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