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Monday, May 25, 2009

$20 dollars today

Over and over I hear how $20 won't get you anything these days. I adamantly disagree. It is not easy but trust me, those dollars are stretchy. While it's taken a series of hard lessons for me to learn this I feel fortunate to be learning now while there is time to change and rebuild. The perception gained is invaluable. I find my appreciation for the simple this growing. My admiration for the penny-wise ways of Grandma deepening in a manner that is nearly spiritual. She made it seem so effortless. I find myself wishing I could tell, "I get it now."

Here is how I spent my $20 dollars today:

3 Skintamate Shave Creams - $.75/piece
3 Edge Shave Gels - $.75/piece
6 Fresh Express Salad Kits - $1.25/pack
1 Sargento's Shredded Cheese - Free
2 Dairygold Butters - $2/pack
2 Dairygold Half n' Half's - $1.33/quart
1 Dairygold Milk - $1.33/half gallon
2 Sabra Hummas - $1.50/tub
5 Lowry's Marinades - $.50/bottle
3 Sweet Baby Ray's - Free

Plus a $6 off general merchandise coupon. After tax that is a grand total of $19.66 for a savings of 81%.

Oh, and don't forget that 10 cent gas credit that was earned.

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