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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Bag it

I'm sure by now you have noticed the reusable grocery bag trend. They are everywhere! Are you on board yet? Or are you are asking yourself if it's worth it? More than likely the answer is yes, especially if you are in a populous city such as Seattle or DC. Just this past January the city of Seattle introduced a bag tax of .20 cents per bag issued to customers at checkout. Washington DC has a similar policy and many other cities are looking to follow suit.

You can imagine how quickly this adds up. Fortunately these taxes are avoided when consumers bring their own bags with them. In fact, most store offer a rebate for those who opt to use your own bags. It can be difficult to find the written policy, but here is what I have found at my local stores: Safeway - .03/bag, QFC - .05/bag, Top Foods - .05/bag, Fred Meyers - .05/bag. As you can see, it makes "cents" to reuse!

Here are some tips for those ready to jump on board the recycle wagon.

-Look for free bags. I usually see offers every few months.
-Only use your bags for grocery items. No stinky gym clothes!
-Was your bags! Especially if you've had a spill.
-Keep your bags in the car where you will see them before running into the store.

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