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Monday, June 22, 2009

Going Bananas

I adore an over-ripe banana. Slightly odd considering that I don't care much for them in their ripe and edible state. My heart races the yellow skins begin acquiring brown spots. Every day asking my husband, "you don't want to eat those, do you?" Signing inside once the answer is finally "nah."

Why this strange affection for what most would label trash? Aside for a fondness for a hearty slice of banana bread, this rotten fruit is also wonderful amendment to your garden soil. They are filled with potassium that plants need to keep there immune systems up and overall health strong. Simply break the soft banana into 2-4 pieces, peel and all, and bury under about an inch of soil near the base of your plants.

I discovered this tip three years ago in an issue of Fine Gardening and have been using it ever since. My roses have no fear of black spots on their pretty leaves.

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