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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Sample Sale Scores

Living in New York City (for most of the year, at least, when I'm at school) gets EXPENSIVE. Even if you don't go out a lot, there are still grocery expenses (because you're going to get the midnight munchies, and the dining halls aren't open that you gotta have at least a little snack food sometimes, you know?), MetroCard expenses, and all those little things that add up to, well, a lot. Add that to a love of designer fashion, and you've got one hefty bill.

Not everyone pays full price for those designer fashions, though, and I'm one of those avid bargain hunters. There are very few clothing items that I have ever paid full price for - mainly because I know where to look. And, especially in such a rich shopping environment as NYC, all you have to do is go to the right places, at the right times. And, of course, keep up with
two magic words: sample sales.

New York (and Los Angeles) are fantastic sample sale locations. In New York, they are usually in the Garment District, Chelsea, or SoHo. Recently, I woke up early (really early) to catch an early train into the city, so that I could check out the Shoshanna/Anlo sample sale before going to work. Of course, my primary interest was in the Anlo denim. There were stock samples, at wholesale prices (for $65), and samples, which were $20. So, I grabbed a couple pairs that were in my size, and tried them all on.

FYI, Anlo
tends to run slightly small in most cuts (from what I learned, and from advice from the fabulous Denim Debutante). I can wear a 25, but would probably have gone for a 26. I couldn't find a particular style that I absolutely loved, though. So I looked through the samples box - and found the most gorgeous pair of light/medium wash, wide leg jeans. Only a size 25 in that style was left, and I tried it on. Perfect fit - even a little loose. The specific style that I got was the Joss Trouser Jean in Caicos wash - look it up! It retails for $204 ... but I got it for $20. That's over 90% off! There was a mark on the tag - but who cares, no one's going to see it. And, it put me in an excellent mood for the rest of the (cold, gray, rainy) day.

Some of my previous sample sale finds - they're usually better at a physical location than online, but I'll share some from both:

- French Connection skinny jeans, retail $148: $35

- Diesel leather newsboy cap, retail $40+: $1

- Diesel jeans, retail $200 or so: $5 (I didn't actually get these, my friend did. This was during the last hour of t
he sale, when they marked everything off even further. She got four pairs!)
- b. chyll cashmere scarf (online), retail $175: $25
- James Jeans 'James' 5-pocket bootcut (online), retail $242: $33

- On Gossamer bra, retail $50: $10

- James Perse button-down oxford (online), retail $165: $40

- dVb Indigo Signature Star Bootcut jeans (online), retail $250: $35
- Habitual Jeans (I actually found these at Buffalo Exchange, brand new with tags), retail $190: $35

It takes patience to snag these deals, though, and some disappointment when you can't find your size or style. When you score a great deal like these, though, it's more than worth it in the end - you'll be well-dressed, without having to pay full retail price. So bask in those envious glances. You deserve it.

2 thoughts:

lilminnow June 21, 2009 at 11:42 AM  

I have shopping envy Tammy. Amazing!

cleverly June 21, 2009 at 3:48 PM  

Those are some awesome deals you've scored, Tammy!

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