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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Throwing eggs

Maybe just the shells in this case. If you do any gardening you NEED to be saving your eggshells. Yes, rinse them...please. There are so many uses for them outdoors.
The easiest way, toss them into your compost.
The tedious way, grind them into a fine powder and use as a fertilizer.
My way, crush them in your gloved hand and scatter them at the base of you tender perennials.
You know, the ones that slugs, caterpillar and earwigs love to noch on. The eggshells offers a safe, natural and free defense to you pretty plants. As these pest crawl towards yours lovely flowers to fill their bellies, they will be cut by the shells.

Bug murder. Mwaaahahaha!
As you can tell from the photo, the shell blend right in.

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