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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Time for Change

I love Coinstar! There, I said it. Why? ...because I hate change, literally. It's heavy, dirty, germ ridden and inconvenient.
Until they outlaw it or melt it into something useful, what do you do? Roll it, no thanks. Me? As soon as my purse feels a little heavy from that loose change I stop by one of those green machines and load up my Starbucks card.
For no fee Coinstar will count your change and load it on one of their affiliates gift cards, including: Starbucks, Cabelas, iTunes and Lowe's just to name a few.
Not only does this keep me happy and sane by keeping me coin free, but it allows me to treat myself to an iced tea on Sunday morning during my weekly shopping trip. It's There are a lot of winners on this one!

Check here for a location near you.

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