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Monday, August 10, 2009


Here is the final installment on the Reuben saga. As you can see his is all better! His stitches are out, his fur is growing in nicely and he's as spazzy as ever.

As you may know the dog that attacked him was put down by the owner. The whole situation was very difficult. Well, as it turns out the dog had a brain tumor.

This little bit of information has left me with a feeling that is difficult to disseminate. Sure the bottom line is that the animal should have been fenced in, but I'm left wondering what potential tragedy may have been averted as a result of this whole incident? Given a year could it have been a child?

Perhaps I am over thinking it. I've always had a holistic view of life, looking for the good in the bad. Maybe too much so. What's your take?

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