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Sunday, August 9, 2009

the loot

Have you been missing the loot? I promise I haven't been neglecting it, I just haven't have to shop much the last two weeks! Between salmon season, our stockpile and all the food my mother-in-law loads us up with we've been able to save almost all of our grocery budget for other bills...and tg for that!

Today I headed out to Safeway and loaded up on some fantastic treats. Here's the breakdown:

Barilla pasta - $.69
Mangos - $.83 a piece
Hormel peperoni - $.92 a box
Fresh Halibut - $6.99 for .7lb
Diamond almond milk - $2.44
Wesson oil - $2.49
Activa yogert - $1.50 per pack
Grapes - $2.99 per container
Kikkoman teriyaki sauce - $1.14 a bottle
Smart water - $.75 a bottle
Lucerne butter - $1.49
Waterfront Bistro wasabi sauce - $1.99

Grand total: 38.11 for a savings of 48%

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