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Friday, June 26, 2009

Stretching Your Grocery Dollar: Part 2

I'm sure it's no secret, I love coupons. Clipped coupons, coupons from those blinkie machines, internet coupons...I have no bias. They are all wonderful to me. However there are a few things to keep in mind as you accumulate these little money vouchers.

Do you actually use the product? Don't bother with coupons for products you don't use, ultimately it is a waste of money if you end up using it and a waste of time if you don't.

Having a coupon does not require you to make a purchase. Unless you REALLY need it now or (preferably) it's a really good deal, go ahead and let it expire. No harm done.

Buying two bottles of that dressing? Use two coupons! When the coupon says "one coupon per purchase" what they mean is "one coupon per item purchased." This is why I buy 3 Sunday papers a week.

Stacking coupons! Keep an eye out for store coupons. You can use them in combination with the manufactures coupon.

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